Prescription Explained

Before your place your order you must ensure you have a copy of your prescription that was given to you at your last eye examination or that is less than 2 years old.


  • SPH or SPHERE is the main correction
  • CYL or CYLINDER is the fine tuning, means you have an astigmatism i.e your pupil is a rugby ball shape rather than a perfect sphere. Sometimes there will be a DS entered in this box. This simply means there is no value
  • AXIS describes the direction of the cylinder component 
  • ADD or NEAR ADDITION is the reading part of your prescription
  • ADDITION INT is the intermediate part of your prescription needed for computer work.

When there is no prescription present there are a variety of ways this can be written - 0.00/PLANO/INFINITY 

  • To ensure you do not make any mistakes when entering your prescription please make sure you do not confuse (+) and (-) values
  • Please enter the AXIS details exactly as written on your prescription. i.e. if prescription states 155 please do not enter 15.5

If you are in anyway unsure of your prescription details and how to enter simply call us on +44 (0) 333 577 3055 or alternatively email us a copy of your prescription to

Adding your prescription to your order

To the right you can see an example prescription correctly entered into our prescription option area.

The prescription for your right eye will always be the first set of numbers, then left eye, whether the layout of your prescription is top and bottom line or side by side. You can see there are the same fields as the prescription provided by the optician above. 

Please be aware that your prescription may not have any numbers in the CYL, AXIS or ADD box. 

If you would like reading spectacles you need to enter the ADD or NEAR ADDITION number into this field.

We may occasionally contact you to verify some prescription details. Although at we check each prescription carefully for any mistakes, we cannot accept responsibility for information that has been entered incorrectly. 

If you are unsure, alternatively please enter the type of lenses you require as well as any additional coatings, leave the prescription blank and continue to checkout. After you have checked out and your order has been processed, please email us at with your order number, name, along with a copy of your prescription for us to enter manually onto your order.

Please contact a member of our team for any additional help.