Meet the Founder

No good company would thrive without a passionate owner, and Eyeconic Society is no exception. Let’s go behind the scenes, and get to know Abby Arkley.

Accessories-obsessed from a young age, my wardrobe was packed with shoes, bags and sunglasses – and that's all before I entered secondary school. To be honest, the majority of my collection came from my mum's wardrobe, but that's by the by.

By eight, I got my first pair of glasses. Luckily, my parents understood that I didn’t want to wear those boring rectangular frames from the NHS. As a fashion-conscious young woman, I chose a bold pair of chunky navy frames with a slight cat eye.

Fast forward twelve years, and, after training to become a chartered accountant, I travelled the world and met a whole host of unconventional characters. As an eyewear connoisseur, I noticed that some people abroad were much more comfortable than others at wearing bright, unique frames that showed off their personalities. Just like me. 

Spotting a gap in the market, I decided it was time to launch my own eyewear company, helping people become more confident wearing frames out of their comfort zone. To me, frames are the perfect accessory for adding a splash of personality to a simple outfit. Not only does Eyeconic Society allow me to share my passion for fashion and create a home for people with a unique style, but lets me showcase the incredible talents of independent designers that are so commonly overlooked.

Instead of chasing the trends and stocking the biggest and most popular glasses brands, I decided to create a brand that's centred around confidence and individuality. I realised that I am my own customer.

I’ve handpicked all of the frames and designers that we stock to ensure we’ve always got a style, shape and colour to suit the wants and needs of our fabulous customers.

Based in the North East of England, I design and develop all the accessories from scratch with the help of a Lancashire-based production team. All of the accessories that we create, like our recently-announced Eyecon glasses cases, are handmade in Britain with innovative technology, using only the highest-quality materials. I believe that I am my own customer – I am designing our accessories collection for myself and like minded individuals. I would never create or sell a product that I would not invest in or wear myself.

I'd love for you to follow my journey as I take Eyeconic Society to the next level. Follow our blog for all of the latest updates, and check back regularly as we launch new original products.

Abbygail Arkley