Customer Experience

At Eyeconic Society, we’re passionate about helping our customers look good and feel great – but this doesn’t just stop with our eyewear. We aim to offer an unbeatable customer experience, from your first visit to our website to an afternoon on the beach with your fabulous new sunglasses.

We know that, if we want to offer the very best customer service, we have to pay attention to the entire experience – in our case, from the first time you stop by our website, right through to delivery of your new eyewear, and throughout the lifespan of your glasses.

More Than Just Glasses

We think that buying a new pair of sunglasses or eyewear is about much more than choosing your favourite frames and trying them on when they're delivered to your door.It's about the way your new glasses will make you feel, and the memories you'll make when wearing them. Let Eyeconic Society become part of your story and purchase your next pair from our website.

Here To Help

The Eyeconic Society team is on hand to make your eyewear experience memorable. Whether you're looking for advice on what styles will suit your face shape, the closest match to your favourite celebrity outfit, or which glasses are trending, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help. Just get in touch.

Money-back Guarantee

Buying glasses and sunglasses online has its benefits, but you'll never know whether a pair is right for you until you've tried them on. Because of this, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our frames. If you're not sure they're right for you, just pop them back in the bag, and we'll do the rest.

Always Innovating

At Eyeconic Society, we’re always working hard to improve our customer experience and help you get more out of your glasses. We care about what you think, and we want to know how we can make our service even more memorable. Be sure to get in touch if you have any ideas, and do check back regularly to find out more about what we’ve been working on.