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retrosuperfuture SUPER SS18 23/01/2018

Unveiling of SUPER SS18 Eyewear Collection

Your sneak peak at the latest SUPER SS18 collection before it arrives in stock Anticipating the upcoming SUPER SS18 season, LENZ is a keen new take on the brand’s most iconic shapes and Tuttolente technology. No eyewear brand is as daring and individualistic as Retrosuperfuture. Known for their innovative collection of classic pieces with cutting edge shapes. From the W to their famous flat top sunglasses, Retrosuperfuture glasses are known for their distinctness. The brand were the first to collaborate with a famous lens manufacturer – Zeiss, to create ground-breaking experimental pieces... Read More


90’s Tiny Sunglasses Are Taking Over 2018

Fashion Trends – They always come back around For the past few months we have see celebrities, style influencers and magazines featuring small 90’s inspired sunglasses. From Gigi Hadid to Sofia Richie have been pictured wearing these narrow cat eye sunglasses, even Rihanna at Cannes Film Festival. Proving this cat eye sunglasses trend is definitely in its peak. As long as I cant remember, my mum has always said “i’m not throwing that out, it will probably come back again” without a doubt in a few years it reappears from... Read More


Luxury Sunglasses Brand Spotlight : Emilio Pucci

Our first brand spotlight for luxury sunglasses in 2018 is the famous Emilio Pucci. Founded in 1947, Marquis Emilio Pucci has created a signature that he always been known for, using an infusion of graphics, bold colours abstract patterns, creating a brand phenomenon. Seeing patterns and colours schemes like these you know straight away they are from Emilio Pucci. When you hear the brand you automatically think of their clothing and accessories as these patterns were seen most popular on clothing, scarves and leather goods. Eyewear and luxury sunglasses were... Read More

opticals frames uk 04/12/2017

Six Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2018

From optical frames to ugly shoes: The fashion trends you need to know. Get ahead of the game with and prep your wardrobe for Spring Summer 2018. We are going to show you key trends from the catwalks with a fabulous mix of optical frames, florals, pastels and sequins. 1. Colours to watch out for We love the change from dark winter colours to the bright, fun colours that come for Spring Summer. SS18 brings a mixture from hot, hot pink and zesty orange to florals and lovely lavender. Textures... Read More

Christmas gifts for eyewear lovers 30/11/2017

Christmas Gifts for Eyewear Lovers

Looking for stocking fillers or Christmas gifts for eyewear lovers  – We’ve got you covered. The Christmas buzz is in the air but there is also the panic of choosing gifts for our nearest and dearest. We have 5 solutions to help give the perfect Christmas gifts for eyewear lovers, from the fashion conscious to the simple glasses wearer.   1. Eyecon Glasses Case Handmade in the UK from beautiful soft leather with bright colourful suede liners. These uniquely designed cases are not only first on our list because they are made... Read More


The Skincare Routine That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

Switch up your skincare routine! This colder weather can be really tough on our skin. I know myself, that in the colder months I suffer from redness and dry patches especially on my chin. The chiller months can cause dryness, irritation and dullness. Sometimes our daily skincare routine just won’t cut it! It’s time to show our skin some love and attention – Here’s how to up date your skincare routine 1. Swap wipes for a creamy cleanser Cleansing morning and night is vital to your skincare routine. It is so important to wipe... Read More

how to get scratches out of prescription lenses 25/10/2017

How To Get Scratches Out Of Prescription Glasses

5 Tips worth knowing to help get scratches out of prescription glasses Glasses for a lot of people are an expensive investment and no matter how much you try to protect them, by keeping them in their case and cleaning them with a microfibre cloth – you sometimes can’t help but get little fine surface scratches. Having worn glasses since I was 8 years old, I am now in the routine of choosing to replace my lenses every 2 years when I have a sight test, even if my prescription hasn’t... Read More


How To Read A Glasses Prescription

You’ve had your sight test, they hand you your prescription with lots of numbers and initials on but they don’t explain how to read a glasses prescription. So we are going to explain how. Firstly by explaining the vocabulary on your prescription then showing a few different prescription layout variations from a few well known high street opticians as well as the NHS. Let us start with the vocabulary you need to understand SPH or SPHERE is the main correction. This may be a + (for long sighted, struggle to... Read More

Leather glasses case 10/10/2017

Say Goodbye To Boring Leather Glasses Cases

We think it’s about time leather glasses cases had a makeover All leather glasses cases that come with your shiny new glasses or sunglasses all look the same! Most cases are the usual boring shape, using made in China poor quality materials and design. It’s time leather sunglasses cases were given a unique design with beautiful colours and high quality material, to look as gorgeous as the frames in them. We have recently launched our first accessories collection! Starting with leather glasses cases and soon venturing on to other shapes to... Read More

Luxury sunglasses eyewear trends 2017 09/10/2017
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Luxury Sunglasses Trends To Follow This Fall

Fall 2017 Luxury Sunglasses Trends Perfecting outfits on the hottest runways, luxury sunglasses have become the must-have accessory for guys and gals. Funky glasses and sunglasses are the perfect way to add flare to an outfit, but what’s popular this season? Read below to find out the biggest eyewear trends for Autumn 2017. Click on the picture to peruse each frame. No Boundaries – Bold & Beautiful 70’s retro vibes have been slowly coming back – but this year retro style is fully back with no boundaries. For designer glasses... Read More