Eye Health


Can Some Foods Improve Your Eyesight?

Improve your vision by improving your diet We’ve all heard our parents say “eat your carrots, they will make you see in the dark.” It was definitely a ploy to get us to eat more vegetables but it’s actually true! Research has now proved that eating certain foods can improve your eye sight, keep your eyes in good health and more surprisingly reverse the signs of optical ageing.  Carrots will help you see in the dark.. Carrots contain an essential nutrient, Carotene which is turned into Vitamin A in your... Read More


Eye Health Tips – The Importance Of Looking After Your Eyes

It’s National Eye Health Week 18-24th September 2017 – promoting the importance of eye health and regular sight tests Having worn glasses since I was a kid, it’s safe to say I know the importance of regular sight tests and especially my eye health . However, according to the Eyecare Trust: 10% of adults have never had an eye test 20 million fail to have regular eye tests 85% admit to having a problem with their vision ….It’s more than just a eye test Knowing about your own eye health... Read More