make up tips for glasses wearers 06/04/2018

Make Up Tips For Glasses Wearers with Bobbie Brown

Learn how to frame your eyes with Bobbie Brown Internationally loved make up guru Bobbie Brown has solved the eye make up struggle for all glasses wearers. Bobbie Brown believes everyone should be able to style amazing eyes and with her Behind the Glasses Makeup Lessons, these are complementary on all make up counters. She’s covering ALL bases for our fellow specs wearers. Here is her advice on everything makeup and eyewear. Let Bobbi solve your struggles: Article via Bobbie Brown BEFORE                  ... Read More


The Skincare Routine That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

Switch up your skincare routine! This colder weather can be really tough on our skin. I know myself, that in the colder months I suffer from redness and dry patches especially on my chin. The chiller months can cause dryness, irritation and dullness. Sometimes our daily skincare routine just won’t cut it! It’s time to show our skin some love and attention – Here’s how to up date your skincare routine 1. Swap wipes for a creamy cleanser Cleansing morning and night is vital to your skincare routine. It is so important to wipe... Read More


Your Guide to Beautiful Eyes

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas on your body. Annoyingly, it is also one of the first areas to show any signs of tiredness and ageing. Unfortunately one of the areas everyones eyes hone in on first too! Like me, if you are a constant glasses wearer sometimes you may feel like at the end of the day your eyes feel a little puffy and heavy. So.. what is the best way to reduce puffiness, hide your dark circles and eliminate wrinkles? Wearing heavy... Read More