April 2018

ways to de stress 08/04/2018

5 Backed Ways To De-Stress

Learning ways to de-stress and how to relax from the daily stresses of work, relationships and self expectations is so important for your health and wellbeing. Getting your mind off the stresses of life will help in making you feel calm and at peace. To start learning ways to de-stress it is important to learn your triggers. Recognising your stress triggers is the first step to managing your stress and understanding how to control these triggers. Think, what stresses you out? And how do you react to it? Now you are... Read More

make up tips for glasses wearers 06/04/2018

Make Up Tips For Glasses Wearers with Bobbie Brown

Learn how to frame your eyes with Bobbie Brown Internationally loved make up guru Bobbie Brown has solved the eye make up struggle for all glasses wearers. Bobbie Brown believes everyone should be able to style amazing eyes and with her Behind the Glasses Makeup Lessons, these are complementary on all make up counters. She’s covering ALL bases for our fellow specs wearers. Here is her advice on everything makeup and eyewear. Let Bobbi solve your struggles: Article via Bobbie Brown BEFORE                  ... Read More