Jimmy Choo’s First Mens Eyewear Collection

Your first look at Jimmy Choo’s mens eyewear collection

The first ever Jimmy Choo’s mens eyewear collection! Before we shows you all 8 new luxury sunglasses styles, here is a bit of  need to know brand information on the famous Jimmy Choo.Jimmy Choo's mens eyewear

Jimmy Choo is the ultimate luxury accessories brand with a empowering sense of glamour and a playful spirit. The Italian crafted accessories with its sexy cuts and fashionable designs, were one the first to bring luxury shoes and handbags to Hollywood where the red carpet proved to be the ideal runway.

Today worn by many celebrities, style icons and royals, Jimmy Choo has created a brand reputation portraying glamorous but strong empowered women in stylish towering heals and beautiful handbags.

2011 saw the exciting ground breaking release of their first menswear collection. “The collection fuses modern British style with luxurious Italian craftsmanship, a mod aesthetic with a cheeky hint of a Sixties Mayfair playboy,”

Tamara Mellon, founder and chief creative officer of the brand said “It is really designed for the man on the arm of the Jimmy Choo woman, following the same theme of going out, whether it be to work, to the shops, to dinner or a club,” she says. “The Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker, and is understated but has an individual flare. He has a knowledge of fashion and an understanding of the quality and the finish of his clothing. Attention to detail in his accessories are important to him and distinguish him from his peers.”

Now extending their collection with their first ever mens eyewear collection. Jimmy Choo’s mens eyewear collection will comprise of 8 sunglasses styles that will be launching next month. Currently only available on jimmychoo.com.

Here are all 8 styles available of Jimmy Choo’s mens eyewear spring summer 2018.

Jimmy Choo's mens eyewear

Jimmy Choo's mens eyewear Jimmy Choo's mens eyewear Jimmy Choo's mens eyewear


The new 8 piece collection will be available online from April 18. To be the first to know our order dates please subscribe to our mailing list here!

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