Your Guide To Choosing The Right Lenses

Your complete guide to choosing the right prescription lenses for your glasses

After you have spent ages searching for the perfect frame, it’s time to decide which prescription lenses you need. To someone who isn’t a glasses veteran this experience can be quite daunting and stressful. So we have broken it down for you with an honest (non up-selling) easy guide to choosing your prescription lenses.

choosing the right prescription lenses

Unfortunately there is no simple one size fits all answer but the 2 main things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing your prescription lenses are:

  • How strong your prescription is.

  • The thickness of the frame.

I’ll explain about the strength of your prescription in a bit but first let me explain about frame thickness. A thick frame can hide a multitude of sins – the thicker the rim of your frame the easier it is to hide the edge thickness of your prescription lenses. Unfortunately metal frames, half rim and rimless are not as forgiving. With these frames it’s only when you would have to consider getting thinner lenses with a low prescription, when standard lenses would normally be suitable.

The stronger the prescription, the thicker and heavier the lenses. If you are short sighted/need your glasses for distance, you may want to consider thinner lenses, this is because these lenses are thicker on the outside. Where as for reading they are thicker in the middle. The image below shows the thickness comparison.

which lenses to choose for glasses thickness

For help choosing the right prescription lenses, here are our recommendations. We have created a little guide of indexes to show the differences between the thicknesses and what prescriptions are advised for which.

1.5 Index 

  • These are the standard lenses which are free with every optical frame order.

  • Lightweight, plastic

  • Perfect for plastic/acetate frame

Recommended for prescriptions up to +/- 2.75

1.6 Index

  • Described as 1.6 thin lenses

  • They are 35% thinners and 40% lighter than standard 1.5

  • Ideal for metal, semi rim and rimless frames

Recommended for prescriptions up to +/- 3.75

1.67 Index

  • Described as 1.67 extra thin lenses

  • They are 45% thinner and 45% lighter than 1.5

  • Perfect for semi rim and rimless frames

Recommended for prescriptions up to +/- 4.75

1.74 Index

  • These are 60% thinner than 1.5 lenses

  • The thinnest and lightest option available

  • Perfect for high prescriptions

Recommended for prescriptions over +/- 5.00

Our Verdict

Choosing the right prescription lenses is down to preference and aesthetics. Some customers don’t mind that their lenses pop over the frame and the edge can be seen. However, we would definitely recommend a thinner lenses to those with a higher prescription, it is definitely something to consider if your prescription is over +/-3.00. Thicker lenses are heavier and can cause redness and a little soreness on the bridge of your nose if your prescription is quite high.

If  you are unsure or would like some advise on lenses, one of team will always be willing to help and point you in the right direction. You can email us or speak to a specialist +44333 577 3055


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